These days, globalization is proving to be a blessing for all sorts of businesses, whether it is a medium scale or a large scale business. People are able to dream about the expansion of their business across the nations. All this is made possible due to globalization and great advancement in technology.


We must agree to a point that technology has really great role in connecting people across the globe. These technological advancements have made communication and information sharing a very easy, quick and affordable task for all of us. And, the very important advantage is that this technology is not even expensive. It is very affordable and even a small business firm can afford all such equipments and gadgets.


We all need to stay connected. We often do it through mails, phone calls, messages, etc. But there are times where we feel a need to have discussion with our peers who are sitting abroad. In such scenarios, we get a great help by opting for Conference call.


Conference call provides us the facility of calling more than one contacts at the same time. We can use our telephone connection for making such calls. Nowadays, it is even possible to have video conference calls. Such facilities, which allow us to have a conference call with all our international clients, help us to save a lot of time and money.


Due to technological advancements, we are now having really great devices that are easy to use and quick to launch. We can easily make international call with great quality of voice and video using these devices. In addition to making a conference call, we can use various other features, such as:


Screen sharing - All the members in a call are able to share their screen with the rest of members. This is no doubt a very useful feature.


Call recording - One can record the entire conference call, for future reference using this feature. We can also share this recording with any missing member who could not attend the conference.


One such service provider that provides the service of flawless and high quality conference calls is "www.1800conferencing.com". It provides this service in very affordable rates. Also, you can make a conference call any time during the day. This service is available 24x7.


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